You might remember Kirsten Kennis as the broad on the cover of Vampire Weekend’s latest hit album “Contra.” Then she came out of nowhere and was all like “HEY NO1 ASKED 2 USE MY PIC.” And then she sued them for money, and Vampire weeekend was all like ‘effff!’ because some photographer dropped the ball and got them in legal trouble.

Well apparently Kirsten Kennis ‘settled out of court.’ She asked for $2 million, but they probably gave her a pack of Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and a few gift cards to Subway. I am kinda sad that this never went to court. I wanted to see Ezra and Rostam ‘going into court’ looking totally preppy hottie in suits, like they were riding OJ Simpson waves, then Kirsten Kennis would take the stand and the entire courtroom filled with entrylevel QTs who thought they were going to a Vampy Weeks concert would BOO her.

Model Ann Kirsten Kennis asked a federal court in Los Angeles to dismiss the case, after she reached a settlement with Vampire Weekend and its label, XL Records. Details of the settlement were not disclosed. The case was dismissed yesterday by court order.

Anyways, it seems like the photographer bro effed this one up. Feel bad for him kinda bc he prob just took her pic out of his snuff film drawer, then was like ‘She’s probably dead in a ditch somewhere’ but then she was alive, and could afford lawyers.

Brody allegedly provided the image—which was shot in the 1980s— to Vampire Weekend with a forged model release. According to court papers, he was paid $5,000 for the image license. It is unclear who shot the image, or how Brody obtained it.

After Kennis filed her lawsuit, Vampire Weekend and its record label filed a counter-claim against Brody, alleging that he was responsible for any liability in the case. The court has apparently not dismissed that counter-claim against the photographer.

Brody’s attorneys withdrew from the case in June, citing his lack of cooperation and failure to pay his bills. He is now defending himself in the case.

Really sad that VampyGate is over…. Really sad that Kirsten Kennis is ‘getting mad bank’ from one of our finest buzzbands. We need to start a buzzband union that protects all relevant buzzbands from being exploited.

R u pissed at Kirsten Kennis?
Does she not understand that ‘alt fame’ is priceless?
Do u think she will die happy now that she has buzz cash?

Goodbye Kirsten Kennis
Goodbye unchill white broad
We will never forgive u
for what u did
to Vampy Weeks

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